New technology offers opportunities for blue growth in cold regions. Environmental impacts and climate change bring challenges to sustainable offshore energy production, aquaculture and the use of seabed resources. Marine spatial planning is in key role for tackling these challenges and enabling blue growth. SmartSea project provides science-based guidance and new innovations for the sustainable use of Finland’s marine resources especially in the Gulf of Bothnia.

When :Wednesday, 22 January 2020, 8.30–16.30
Where: Marina Congress Center, Helsinki, Finland

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Summary of the meeting

The presentation slides:

Toni Ahlqvist, University of Turku:
Maritime system transitions: emerging technologies, blue growth and maritime spatial planning

Heidi Paalatie, Finnish Wind Power Association:
Future of offshore wind power in Finland

Jaakko Heinonen, VTT:
Offshore foundation solutions for wind energy in ice

Elina Virtanen, Syke:
Marine Spatial Planning of offshore wind farms: environmental values and costs

Juliane Borge, Multiconsult, Norway:
Sea based salmon farming in Norway – existing and emerging technologies and challenges in a cold climate

Alessandro Ciattaglia, Badinotti, Italy:
Oceanis 2 designed to Baltic sea icy conditions

Markus Kankainen, Luke:
Marine fish farming and production conditions in the Baltic Sea

Sander de Jong, Ministry of Infrastructure and Waterworks, Netherlands:
Sea Use Management and Sand Extraction in the Netherlands Northsea

Kirsi Kostamo, Syke:
Environmental impacts of seabed mineral utilisation

Jyrki Hämäläinen, GTK:
Guidelines and best practises for the use of seafloor resources